Your Local Pipe Welders Union in OK

The UA Local 430 pipe welders union association in OK does its best to provide you with the greatest opportunities to become the finest craftsman possible with our training programs and member benefits.

We Focus on You

Unlike many business corporations, our main focus is not on our organization, but on you, our members. We secure healthcare benefits for you and your family, make sure you have an honest living wage, secure you defined contribution and defined benefit pension plans to support you after your retirement, and support you and help process grievances.

Our pipe welders association has a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with many contractor associations in the area. These agreements ensure that these companies will follow acceptable guidelines on wage, fringe benefit packages, and other employment terms and conditions. The CBA has guidelines that protect both the employee as well as the company.

We Support Local Pip Welders

UA Local #430 pipe welders union wants you to have every opportunity possible to become a master welder and have skills that rival the best in the industry, and so we offer fully certified training programs taught by qualified instructors.

Our five-year training program adheres to strict education standards to ensure you receive the best. We are able to provide comprehensive training on shielded metal-arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and micro-wire welding, as well as job safety protocols, the use and care of the tools, and all other accompanying information.

Whether you are just beginning your welding career or have many years of experience, our training courses will help you upgrade your skills as the industry demands so that you are always up-to-speed for any job.

Please give our OK office a call today at 918-836-0430 to find out more about our member benefits and training programs, or stop by to pick up our application forms. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.